Golf Buying Guide

Golf is a very fun, almost addictive, sport that is enjoyed by many. From the different strokes to the complex scoring system, golf can be a very difficult sport to master. The experience can be daunting especially if you're a beginner. Relax. From gaming basics to types of shots we've got your golfing needs covered. Whether you're in it for the social aspects or want to improve your skills, take a look through this guide to see if any of these tips help your game out.

Tips for Beginners

Getting started in the game is easier than it seems. Here are some helpful tips for those of you just starting out. 

  • Take a Lesson  - Before hitting the course, try taking a lesson first. Its the best way to get started in any activity.
  • Work on Putting - Putts end up being around half of your shots, so its important to get them down.
  • Master Your Gripping Technique '- How you grip the club is extremely important since it's the link between you and the ball. Trying out different types of grips will help determine which is best for you.
  • Go to a Driving Range - This is the best way to practice those long range shots as well as get tips from other golfers.
  • Know Golfing Etiquette  - Knowing your golfing etiquette will save you some serious embarrassment on the golf course.
  • Allow Enough Time - Understand that playing a full game of golf will take a couple hours and you need to allot enough time so you don't end up rushing.

Important Product Guides


  • Clubs are probably the most important equipment when it comes to golf.
  • They come in all different shapes and size. Picking out the right ones for different shots can be tricky.
  • Use this guide help you find the right ones for you.


  • When it comes to keeping your equipment organized, you're going to need a golf bag.
  • Instead of lugging around a huge clunky one, this guide can help you pick one out that's just the right size and style for you and your equipment.


  • Well, you're not going to get anywhere without some golf balls.
  • Make sure to get some extra for those shots that end up in the water or deep in the woods.
  • Beginners may want to get second hand golf balls, since you may loose them more frequently.


  • The right shoes can make a huge difference on the golf course.
  • For those not using a golf cart, you'll want some comfortable shoes to walk in.
  • They can help perfect your swing since other types shoes don't allow you to twist properly. 


  • Gloves can make it easier to perfect that grip.
  • As the only link between your body and the golf club, your grip is an essential part of your game. 

How to Play


Simply put, the point of golf is to get the ball in the holes in the fewest amount of strokes. Generally you would play a round, which is eighteen holes. The majority of golf courses have either eighteen or nine holes to play. You begin each hole by hitting the ball from the hole's tee box. You would then proceed to hit it from the place where it landed until you get it in the hole. 

Each hole has its own par, which is the number of strokes a skilled golfer should require to get the ball in that hole. Most holes are par-three, par-four, or par-five. Penalty strokes occur when a golfer loses the ball (in the water, out of bounds, etc) or breaks a small rule (moves an object, etc). Penalty strokes are added on as if the golfer had taken an extra stroke.

There are two ways of playing the game:

  • Match Play - This is when two golfers or two teams of golfers play for holes. The golfer or team that has least amount of shots wins that hole. Whichever team wins the most holes, wins the match.
  • Stroke Play -  In this game, each individual adds the number of points from each hole for a final score. The player with the lowest score wins.
  • Stableford Play - At each hole, the player earns a certain amount of points. The fewer the strokes the higher the points, so the player with the highest score wins.

Standard Scoring

Never Understood All That Talk About Eagles and Birdies? Here's Your Guide to Golf Scoring

Scoreboard Term



Condor/Triple EagleFour strokes under par. An incredible score.
Albatross/Double Eagle
Three strokes under par.
Two strokes under par.
One stroke under par.
Strokes equal to par for that hole.
One stroke over par.
Double Bogey
Two strokes over par.
Triple Bogey
Three strokes over par.

Important Terms

  • PAR (Professional Average Result) - This is the course average. Each hole has a certain number of shots it should take a skilled player to make the hole. You either shoot above or below par.
  • Handicap - This is calculated by subtracting the number of standard shots on a golf course from required to make eighteen holes. The lower the handicap the better the player.
  • Putt - A shot carried out on the green.
  • Pitch - A high flying shot, but less than a full swing.
  • Green -Flat area surrounding the hole. 
  • Rough - Areas of long grass and bushes next to the fairways. 
  • Bunker - An obstacle, usually filled with sand placed near the green.
  • Chip - A short high shot, generally used to get a ball out of a tough location and onto the green. 

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