Golf Ball Buying Guide

As athletes go, golfers tend to be the most superstitious about their equipment, and to the superstitious golfer, the ball can be the crux of a good game. However, if you are secure enough in your golf swing (whether it's decent or not), you may realize that the golf ball doesn't make much of a difference. If you are new to golf, it may be wise to start with the cheaper balls, since you don't want to find yourself wandering aimlessly in the rough for hours now that you've spent good money on a lost ball. Indeed, many golf retailers are realizing this, and have begun selling used balls as part of their inventory (see:, and most high quality manufacturers (Callaway ,Titleist ,Nike ) have inexpensive alternatives. However, as your skill increases to a single-digit handicap, you will probably develop a brand preference. Until then, save some money by buying the cheaper alternative...that way you'll have more in your wallet for lessons!

Note: X-Out golf balls  are balls manufactured by major companies but have not passed final inspection and thus cannot be sold under the brand name. Much of the time, this has to do with a cosmetic error, which is unlikely to affect your game. This can be a very economical option for many golfers who are just starting out. 


You probably already realize that the "best" golf ball comes down to the individual's preference. This is because the golfer (and to a lesser extent, the club ) is what makes for a good round. That being said, there will come a time during a competition when you are looking for every possible advantage, and it is true that different balls have different feels off the putter face, when laying up on the green, and of course when rolling down the fairway. When that times comes, you can assuredly turn towards Callaway, Titleist and Nike for your trust and confidence. These companies are known to have the best research and development endowments for their product, so their top of the line product will be invariably state of the art. The Titleist ProV1 . Callaway's HX Tour  and the Nike One  are the three brand's best balls, and their price tags show it. For a more modest variety, the HX Hot  from Callaway, the Nike Excite , and the Titleist NXT Tour  are all finely crafted balls.

If you have a high handicap, you may way to try Big Bertha ,DT Solo , or Warbird  balls, which are all reasonably priced and perfectly adequate to improve your game. Maxfli ,Top Flite , and Srixon  are all brands that are usually inexpensive, but are typically thrown into the lower echelon of golf ball manufacturers. However, they still develop excellent balls, so don't feel obliged to bigger names.


On the first tee with your new boss, your new father-in-law, or anyone you'd like to impress, nothing turns you into a golf stud faster than a customized golf ball. These balls can come in any number of designs of your choice, ranging from an unflattering picture of your ex-girlfriend to a simple monogram. As a business executive, Logo golf balls  make for a great way to promote your business, and for making a company golf outing a little more memorable. You can buy customized and logo golf balls from major manufacturors, and so they will usually range in price. However, the difference between various types of golf balls is negligible, so it will most likely come down to your level of superficiality.

Titleist Pro V1 

Customized Golf Ball 

Callaway HX Tour Golf Ball 

Nike One Platinum