Hand Tools

electric tools might make your job easier, depending on how you plan to use them. Below, a list of some basic tools you might want in your set and a spotlight on some items you might want to know more about.


A saw is a handy tool that uses manpower or electricity and performs in mediums such as forestry, construction, demolition and hunting. Some may still use reciprocating saws can make the job go by much quicker and perform tasks easily. This saw uses an oscillating motion to cut through wood quickly.  Below, a few models currently on the market.


There are tons of different screwdrivers out there, and sometimes it's hard to know which one is right for the job you are doing. Consider the following: * There are four main screw heads that you will use the most frequently. ** Phillips: Also referred to as a "crosshead" screwdriver, this features lines in the shape of a cross. ** PoziDriv/SupaDriv: This can be called a "crosspoint" screwdriver, as it has the lines of the cross in addition to four slots cut in between each line. ** Electric screwdrivers are an available option that requires less manpower and gets your job done quicker. * If you plan on using your screwdriver often for assembling, consider buying a Home and Garden * Workshop and Home Improvement * Tile Saws