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Be it an apartment, a mansion, a studio, or a triplex penthouse, your home is a reflection of you.  It should have the basic elements that make a living space livable, but more importantly, it should also be comfortable and in a style that expresses your taste.  Buying home furniture and appliances will make you feel better about where you are living, and it's a great way to express your personality. Whether you're posh or casual, sporty or artistic, you'll find everything you need to make your house a home--and don't forget the essential items that keep it looking good!

Your Home 101

Necessary Pieces

All of these items are functional as well as stylish and would be a suitable addition to any room. When adding accent pieces to your room, remember that too many statements can create contrasting themes. One or two pieces like those below will do nicely for your room.

Classy Carpeting

Rugs add some warmth to an otherwise bare floor and can serve to trap dirt when used as a doormat, or water as a bathmat. The texture of your rug is important; typically when you first buy one, it may be a bit stiff, but make sure that it feels good to the touch, since this is something you will be walking across constantly. Also consider the bottom of the rug when purchasing; you might want a non-sliding back or extra insulation for thin rugs or rooms that do not hold in heat well. Consider some of the recommendations below.

Organize Your Home

Are you a hoarder like those reality TV guys?  Well don't become America's Next Biggest Hoarder: organize your life.  Here are some items that can help you store all those things.

The Great Outdoors

See a few pieces of note that are recommended for your outdoor patio.

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