Home and Garden Buying Guide

Have a green thumb ? A stocked toolbox ? An artistic  eye? Perhaps you have a new home or flat, or you're thinking about renovating or finding new ways to store  old photographs. Or, like most of us, you just need some help getting started on your home projects. Taking care of a home is not an easy task, and there's lots to consider when planning the style of your living space. Sometimes it's best to go room by room and make sure you have the essentials before adding extra accessories . Luckily, our buying guides help you with every aspect of decorating and maintaining a home.

Home Furnishings and Décor

The Home Furnishing and Décor Guide consists of several articles relating to the interior style of your home. Everything from sheets  to lamps  to the furniture  you put them on is discussed here. This guide will help you turn your house into a home--a stylish home.

Home Furnishings and Décor Guide

Housewares and Home Maintenance

The Housewares and Home Maintenance Guide is where most major appliances  and cleaning products  can be found. If you're looking to improve the organization and efficiency of your house, this guide is for you. Here we have articles and guides ranging from saunas  and security alarms  to vacuum cleaners  and washing machines .

Housewares and Home Maintenance Guide

Kitchen and Dining

If your cabinets  are empty and your table  is bare, this guide is essential. Virtually every item found in the kitchen or dining room is discussed here. Whether you're looking for large or built-in appliances (such as cooktops  and wall ovens ) or you'd like a new set of glassware , you can locate it within this guide.

Kitchen and Dining Guide

Workshop and Home Improvement

Prefer to do-it-yourself? This guide is good for both beginners and professionals. The Workshop and Home Improvement Guide is a collection of articles starting with the basic hammer  and nail  to the lesser known tile saws  and lathes . Whether it's your hobby or your chore, you can find all you need to know for that project right here.

Workshop and Home Improvement Guide

Outdoor and Gardens

If you like to landscape and barbecue, then this guide is for you. Anything you need to complete your outdoor project can be found in our Outdoor and Garden Guide. We can help you find a power washer  or a snow blower  to tidy up your home's exterior, or we can help you choose the proper tools and plants  to make your yard and window boxes  shine.

Outdoor and Gardens Guide

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