Hosting a Valentine's Party

Whether you're single or attached, hosting a Valentine's shindig is a great way to spend time with the people you care about and a chance to meet some new faces.  However, throwing a party can definitely be a lot of work, and you want to make sure that you're not so occupied with details that you're not able to enjoy the festivities.  Our guide will help you decorate, plan your activities, pick a menu and more.

Get to work!

  • Make sure your single friends don't feel like third wheels.  If you're inviting couples, invite an equal number of singletons so they can meet and greet.  Who knows, maybe you'll find out you have latent matchmaking skills!
  • Send invitations well in advance so you can have an approximate head count.  When you know how many people to expect, you'll have an easier time planning.
    • Be sure to indicate all the necessary information on your invitation (date, time, location, theme, attire, if you would like the guests to bring a dish, etc.).
  • Don't wait until the day before the party to start shopping for supplies; you run the risk of not finding everything you need and you'll only give yourself a migraine.
    • One week before:
      • Buy paper goods, disposable serveware and cutlery, party favours  and decorations .
      • Plan the entertainment: make some mix CDs or program your iPod .  If you're going to be playing games, make sure you have all the necessary supplies.
      • Plan the menu: estimate how much you'll need of everything and how much it will cost.
    • Two to three days before:
      • Go grocery shopping.  If you can't find an item you need or if you have unexpected budget issues, the advance notice will allow you to improvise.  Prep any food items you can.
      • Confirm any details, if need be: venue, DJs, caterers, etc.
    • Day of:
      • Since you're so well-prepared, sort out any last minute details and then sit back and relax--you've earned it!


Your decorations will depend entirely on your style: if you're a minimalist, stick to one or two of the ideas below, such as table centrepieces or red or pink effects.  If you're more whimsical, you might want to incorporate several of these ideas at once, or each room could even have a different theme.  Remember, the key is to get your guests into a festive spirit. 

Candy Conversation Hearts 

Heart Confetti 

Valentine's Balloons 

Valentine's Plates  and Napkins 

Candy Bowl 

Heart Candles 


Red  or Pink Place Cards 

Red Crepe Paper 

Rose Petals 

Cupid Cut Outs 

Red Martini Glasses 

Theme Parties

If you're having a costume or theme party, it's always good to have a few extra accessories on hand for those guests who claim to have forgot.  And once the party really gets going, it's time to bust out the karaoke machine.

Masquerade Masks 

Feather Boas 

Valentine's Costumes 

Valentine's Heart Bead Necklaces 

Karaoke Machine 

Party Favours

If your budget allows, put together a gift bag for your guest.  Candies or chocolates suffice in a pinch, but small gifts are extra fun.

Champagne Split 

Heart Candles 

Hot Cocoa Mix 

Heart Frames 

Heart Wine Stoppers 

Bottoms Up!

If you're on a budget, create a signature cocktail for the event, but if you want to go all out, rosé champagne is an elegant and festive way to show your Valentine's Day spirit.

Rosé Champagne 

Strawberry Margaritas 


Check out our External Links for cocktail ideas.

Pink Lemonade 

Mix with your favourite vodka  for a little kick.

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