Indoor Christmas Decorations

The tree is the center of the home during the Christmas season, but that doesn't mean the rest of your house should be free of good cheer. Ribbons and wreaths, candles and crystal, there are ways for any home to deck the halls, boughs of holly optional. Well, you've come to the right place: we have tips for winter decorating as well as for a specifically Christmas-oriented decor. ----



The Front Door

While wreaths are the standard, there are a few other ways you can go about adding cheer to your front door, especially if you want to stand apart from the neighbors. Items like bells and large bows have the added benefit of not needing watering like plant-based decorations do.


Windows will need a wintey touch as well. Since you have curtains indoors, it's best to keep things simple here; a single candle or some garland can do wonders to add to the Christmas feeling of the room. Because of the added potential elemental exposure windows offer, artificial may be the way to go here.

On the Mantel

Just because Santa comes down the chimney doesn't mean you can ignore the mantel when decorating. You have a host of items to choose from: how about family portraits in a holiday frame? For those without a fireplace, consider using some of the options below on a shelf, entertainment unit, coffee table, or side table.

Around the House

A few yuletide accents around can make for a more lively season. You can't go wrong with the classics; floral arrangements, candles, and other natural touches will add a homey feel. Glass snowflakes, stars, and bows can likewise be used if rustic isn't your thing.


As much as people complain about holiday weight gain, it just wouldn't be Christmas without the treats. Real cookies and candies can add a pleasant scent, though you should be sure to cover them and put them away at night to avoid spoilage. For a more sophisticated look, keep to warmer colors and minimal decorations on cookies.

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