Indoor Christmas Decorations

Whether you are a traditionalist or more commercial than a pop culture boy band, Christmas decorating requires a harmony between seasonal symbols and personal flair. So exercise your right to that Mr. Grinch tree topper --as long as you put it on a Christmas tree . Oh, and don't forget the vegetarian alternatives to Christmas dinner--I've heard salad fingers are quite popular this year.

Tree Decorations

Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are split along two lines: artificial and real. And while displaying an artificial tree doesn't necessarily mean tacky, they won't have that pleasant pine smell.

Read our guide on Christmas trees to find out which one is perfect for your home.  

Fairy Lights 

After intense research, scientists have concluded that a brassed off Father Christmas did not start tree fires (as it was previously thought); the fires were a product of the once common tree candles.

These days we stick with fairy lights; they are safe and can be put anywhere with an outlet and a staple gun . 

Baubles  and other Hanging Decorations 

Between the baubles and the lights, your Christmas guests will be hypnotized, which may be necessary if you forgot to get someone a gift. 

Avoid over-dressing your tree by sticking to one or two types of ornaments and a handful of colours.

Angel  or Star Tree Topper 

A tree is incomplete without a topper. So unless you like an air of hollow emptiness in your Christmas, please give the tree a hat; it can be an angel, a star, or Father Christmas  himself.

Remember: use a step ladder when adding the star. It'd be a shame to ruin all those baubles due to clumsiness.

Chocolate Coins 

Chocolate coins and other chocolate tree decorations  are a fun addition for the tree. You can also use candy canes  to sweeten things up.

Stay firm; you don't want to eat all the sweets while decorating the tree! Try to limit yourself to one a day to avoid sudden bald patches in the fir.

To the Entranceway and Beyond

Holly  and Ivy 

Nothing spruces up the indoors like a little Christmas floral accent (real or fake). They look great in doorways, on the tree or on banisters.

Remember to keep them out of the reach of kids and pets.


Decorate banisters, trees, poles, and more with garland, whether it's shiny like tinsel or made from poinsettias and pine cones to give your tree a fuller look.

Ribbons  or Beads 

Wrap long strands of them around your tree or hang little locks from the ends of branches; either way you'll be adding a festive look to your tree. They're also good for decorating gift boxes  or adding a few merry touches around the house.


Individual tinsel strings can get a bit messy but they are pretty nonetheless. I like to throw some strands on the tree or use it as a shimmery hanging decoration. 

You may also choose the cleaner tinsel garland . 

Paper  and Foil Decorations 

Cheap, popular, disposable, and easy to store. Plus they are fun and require little to no maintenance. Perfect for decorating a classroom or adding a little holiday spirit to an impromptu party.

Snow  and Sprays 

Every Christmas is a White Christmas  when you have artificial snow! Create a winter wonderland in your comfortable (and heated) home with fake snow flakes  and spray snow  (for that "frosty window" look). 

Christmas Card Holders 

Don't have a place to display all those cards that everyone sends? Make a decoration out of them with a Christmas card holder!

*Note: The holder will look silly devoid of cards. 

Animated Christmas Statues 

Make Christmas more real with these moving Christmas decorations. These make great gifts, especially if you're looking for something they're unlikely to already have.

Don't forget the batteries!

Table Accessories 

If you're hosting a holiday party, your table will need some dressing up with special additions.

Wall and Window Stickers 

Things to stick to your walls and windows, or to brighten them up. Easy and fun for kids, and a cinch to clean up after the holiday.  

Keeping up with Traditions


These are to be left by the bed, mantle, or fireplace in hopes that Father Christmas will fill them with trinkets and gifts. 

Yule Logs 

A Yule log was traditionally a piece of wood that would be burned throughout the twelve days of Christmas. These days, however, it is more commonly known as a chocolate log cake . 

Nativity Scenes 

For those who would like to remind themselves about the meaning of Christmas (I too was shocked that it wasn't about presents).

Wassail Bowls  or 'Loving Cups '

The traditional crockery used for drinking wassail: a hot spicy punch from ye olden days. Feel free to substitute with ale.


A sneaky way to steal a kiss or, failing that, to start a discussion on whether or not the plant is poisonous.


This festive plant is traditionally Mexican, but has become popular in many parts of the world. Its red leaves could not be more suited for Christmas. 

Christmas Crackers 

These crackers are popped at the table after dining. They contain tiny presents or paper hats which are usually commensurate with the cost of the crackers.

Christmas Boxes 

These can be used to house gifts, sweets, or to decorate the house. 

Advent Calendars 

Count the days until Christmas with an advent calendar. They are available in chocolate , wooden  and fabric  versions. Just be careful not to eat the fabric ones!  

Candles  and Candle holders 

Although candles no longer light our trees, they remain part of our decorative repertoire. 

Easy Decorating Tips

Before you begin, you may want to consult our Winter Decorating guide. Go on, we'll wait.

  • Tie One On: Make use of ribbon  by tying bows to your chair backs, candlesticks , wreaths, door knobs--whatever you can think of. If you arrange ribbons around your throw pillows , they will look like presents waiting to be unwrapped!
    • Choose ribbon that you can untie and retie each year, and don't be afraid to mix up the colours. Red and green are only suggestions.
  • Burn the Candle at Both Ends: Candlelight  is an easy way to add ambiance. Arrange groups on the dining table, on the mantle (or even in the fireplace), around the tub, or wherever you feel will add some light to your holiday.
  • Second Nature: Add a natural element to your home by collecting pine cones, evergreen branches, red berries, and so on. These can be placed around candles, in windowsills, and in window boxes.
    • Put wreaths or garlands on doors, in windows, and around banisters. If you can find real boughs, you'll be greeted with that lovely pine scent, but artificial greenery will last you for years and years.
    • To give your decorations something extra, use gold  or silver spray paint --instant glitz. This works quite well on regular tree branches too.
  • Recycle, Reduce, Reuse: Incorporate last year's cards  into your design. Prop them up on your mantle, string them across the room, or glue them to borders. This is a nice way to remember everyone you love.
  • Berry Nice: Fill clear vases up with fresh cranberries to add an instant note of red to any room.

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