Kitchen Mixers

In the world of small kitchen appliances, a longmixer'>hand mixer. However, both are useful for their own reasons. Read on for the pros and cons of each.

Quick Picks

According to ConsumerSearch, the top four mixers (3 stand and 1 hand) are Kitchen Aid Power Plus 7KHM7T.

The Debate

If you are in the market for a new mixer you should have an idea of how you want to use your mixer before you buy. If you are leaning more towards an everyday whipping and stirring machine then a handheld mixer is probably a better and cheaper choice. If you are looking for a machine to mix cookies, mashed potatoes, and viscous foods, the stand mixer is probably the better option for you. The winner of the debate is really decided by you and your mixing needs.


* '''Multiple Speeds Depending on what you plan to mix and the variety of different things that you need to mix you may need more speed settings. Hand mixers come with 3 to 5 speeds, but some have less than 3. Stand mixers usually boast at least 6 speeds. * '''Power''' The more thick products you need to mix the more power you want. Usually 300 to 600 watts is a decent amount for a stand mixer. Anything above 600 watts is pushing professional model levels. * '''Bowl Size Consider whether the mixer will remain on the countertop or in the cabinet and how much you tend to mix at once. Five to seven quarts is certainly enough capacity for home use. This does make for a more bulky machine though. Avoid going higher than 7 quarts to keep the mixer practical.

Major Manufacturers

* Hamilton Beach * KitchenAid * Bosch * Sunbeam * Black & Decker * Oster

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