Kitchen Mixers Buying Guide

For all of those bakers out there, no kitchen is complete without a mixer .  Saving precious time and energy, the mixer makes whipping cream a breeze and kneading tough dough a simple task.  Our guide tackles the battle between the stand  and the hand , helping you figure out which mixer is best for your needs.        

Just Beat It

The Stand Mixer 

These powerful and "hands-free" mixers are a kitchen staple.  They work to create batches of cookies or desserts, and also serve well for cooks to mix together puddings, gravies, dips, and more.  They also have the capacity and torque to power through tedious mixing jobs, such as kneading bread dough or whipping egg whites into stiff peaks.   Look for stainless steel ,chrome , or easy-clean  options.

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The Hand Mixer 

The hand mixer is lightweight, good for everyday cooking and baking tasks, and gives you the control.  Most come with attachments for varying uses, and are significantly lower in cost than their rival, the stand mixer.  Look for cordless hand mixers  for portability around the kitchen.  Available in stainless steel ,plastic , or easy-clean  options.  

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