PC Video Game Controllers Buying Guide


Gaming on a PC  with a game pad  can be a whole lot easier than manipulating controls with a mouse  or keyboard .  However, know that each controller  is made with a specific gamer in mind.  If your passion lies in shooting games , you will certainly have different requirements in mind than those playing racing games .  We are here to help you figure it all out.  

What to Look For

If you are looking for a game pad , you will want to find one that provides the ultimate comfortability and durability, while packing in a bunch of features.  You will also want to be sure that the controller you choose is compatible with your operating system , as a lot of them aren't Mac-friendly.

  • Simplicity:   Think about what you need.  If a standard controller with the 4 or 6 button set-up is ok for you, then opt for an inexpensive yet functional game pad.  
  • Cords:  You won't want to ruin your gaming experience because of tangled up cords or a cluttered computer space.  Look for a cordless controller  with a simple USB connection , so that you won't be chained to your machine. 
  • Feedback:  Some gamers want to feel the rush of the G-force when flying around a curve, and others want to get that jolt that comes with a crash.  Force feedback game pads  will give you that realistic feeling. 
  • Programmability:  Decide how many pre-programmed buttons  you will want to have for your favourite games.

Your Choices

When it comes to controllers, your options are endless.  Explore these guides to learn more about what works best for you and your gaming needs. 


Dance Pads

Video Game Steering Wheels

Gaming Mice

Gaming Keyboards

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