Science Fiction and Fantasy Films

A great science fiction film can take us into a fantastical world of danger and romance while giving us offbeat characters and an engaging story. They often come in sets of multiple movies such as trilogies and sometimes they are based on a comic book or created from a popular series of novels. Fantasy films can encompass lots of varying stories and appeal to a wide audience. Some of these films can be epic and combine action with periods of storytelling, while others are jam-packed with plot twists from beginning to end. Some movies follow their original plots exactly while others veer away from the story told in written form. Therefore, a viewer who has seen the movie may not like the book and vice versa. How many sci fi and fantasy films have you seen? Check out some new releases and old classics below.

New Releases

Movies Based on Comics

The movies below were all made to mimic their comic counterparts and bring the printed pictures and words to life on screen. See a couple of popular adaptations below.

Otherworldly Science Fiction

It's no secret that aliens play a sizable role in many movies of the science fiction genre. Even if you don't prefer these types of films, chances are you've seen at least one alien or outer space related sci fi flick, and if you haven't, check out some of the movies below! Some of the more serious films act as metaphors for well-known social situations that were occurring in the world at the time, while other movies are epic but have funny moments to balance them out.

Fantastical Fiction

These fantasy and sci fi movies all have very different themes but are based on the sensational and the unbelievable. Some take place in completely different worlds while others take place in our world and include some extraordinary elements. No matter what the premise, they are all widely known movies that viewers love to watch and analyze over and over again.


Many of these movies have been re-made or adapted, but their original counterparts remain untouchable. They are all considered at the top of the fantasy and sci-fi lists, and they feature widely known actors and actresses involved in a story of adversity and triumph. 

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