Science Fiction and Fantasy Films Buying Guide

Some of the most successful and beloved films of all time have been part of the science fiction and fantasy genres. It's easy to see why, they offer larger than life characters, epic stories, and fun-filled escapism.

Recent Releases

These recent sci-fi and fantasy films were a big hit with audiences. See if you agree.


James Cameron's  unstoppable sci-fi juggernaut is the top grossing film of all time. Statistically speaking you've almost certainly already seen it, but maybe you want to see it again or buy some blue merchandise.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy 

Peter Jackson  took a book many thought impossible to adapt and created an epic, Oscar winning trilogy of films which defined fantasy films the way the books defined fantasy writing.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 

The sixth Harry Potter  film continues the series shift into darker themes, as Harry learns more about his nemesis Voldemort's past.


The phenomenally popular vampire romance films star Robert Pattinson  and Kristen Stewart  as star crossed lovers; one human, one vampire.

Transformers 2 

Megan Fox  and Shia LeBeouf  become involved in the revenge scheme of some giant fallen robots.

Classic Science Fiction

Covering the spectrum between serious art-house and action packed blockbuster, these are some of the best sci-fi films ever made.

Blade Runner 

Adapted from a Philip K. Dick  novel, the film stars Harrison Ford  as a human hunting androids in a grim dystopian future.

2001: A Space Odyssey 

Kubrick's  famous sci-fi masterpiece, a journey to Jupiter with a mysterious goal is put in jeopardy by HAL, the computer controlling the spaceship. 


The silent classic by Fritz Lang , set in a giant future city where the ruling class live in splendour and the workers toil underground.

The Matrix  

The world is a computer simulation and Keanu Reeves  is "The One", destined to save humanity from the machines.


Sigourney Weaver's  first encounter with H.G. Giger's monster, out in the depths of space, where no one can hear you scream.

Classic Fantasy

Fantasy offers more than the sword and sorcery films that it's often associated with. Check out these classic films you might not have even known fell under the fantasy banner.

Star Wars Trilogy 

The original three Star Wars films merged fantasy and sci-fi to create new myths for a generation and some of the most enduring characters of all time.

Raiders of the Lost Ark 

The first film featuring daredevil archaeologist Indiana Jones , following his race to find the lost ark of the covenant before the Nazis do.

The Seventh Seal 

Bergman's  1957 masterpiece isn't generally thought of as fantasy, but it does have a knight, death, and the supernatural, so it more than meets the genre requirements.

The Wizard of Oz 

Classic children's film telling the story of Dorothy, the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and their adventures in the land of Oz.


Considered one of the great dragon films, Sean Connery  stars as a dragon who teams up with dragon slayer Dennis Quaid  to run a travelling dragon slaying grift.

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