Skateboarding has a history longer than extreme sports will lead you to believe. It used to be that people thought of skateboarders as slackers, but it requires much more athleticism and talent than one might think.  What it doesn't require is a lot of spending or any major equipment. A basic skateboard setup is pretty simple, and once you get rolling it doesn't get much more costly. ! '''Build Your Own''': To build your own custom board, you'll need some basic equipment: decks, wheels, trucks, bearings, hardware and grip tape. This is your basic setup. Other items like risers (hard-plastic, rectangular pads that go between your trucks and your deck) and rails (thin, hard-plastic strips that screw on to the underside of the deck edges and are little used these days) are optional. '''Get expert help''': Sound too complicated? Go for a complete deck! It comes just as it sounds, so there is no assembly. Say you want specific wheels or a particular deck? No problem. You can also order custom-built completes. Check out for more information on buying custom-made complete skateboards. If you're just starting out and have no idea where to begin, there's no substitute for visiting your friendly, neighborhood skate shop.

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