Snowboarding Pants

So you've decided to hit the slopes! If you're a beginner you might be spending a fair amount of time on the ground, so you'll want to make sure you have the perfect pair of pants: not too tight, not too baggy, and definitely waterproof! Normally winter sports go by a 'three layer' rule of thumb. The first layer pulls moisture away from your skin, the second layer provides insulation to keep you warm and the third layer keeps all the outer cold and moisture out. Snowboarding pants will combine the top two layers, and sometimes even three, into one article of clothing. With Under Armour to layer underneath your outer pants. 

The Fit

Snowboard pants are meant to be looser than snowboarding pants are about keeping you dry, not making you look good! Look at the materials and technology in a pair of pants before purchasing.  For beginners or riders who prefer doing a lot of tricks, think about getting some pants with a little padding in the knees and rear areas. This will keep your bruising to a minimum and help you enjoy the day, even when you spend a little time on your bottom. For extra protection check out ButtShield as a layering option.  More important than any other consideration is the waterproofing of the pant. Only consider pants that have sealed seems; otherwise they will just be water resistant, not waterproof, and melting snow will be able to sneak in through the edges. House Arcus Snowboard Pants by Grenade have 6 pockets including hand warmer pockets with a key chain. 

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