Snowboarding can be an incredibly dangerous sport if not done the right way. Before hitting the slopes, check out your local ski resort for lesson times and dates. With a little help, you'll be snowboarding like a pro in no time. After you know what you're doing, make sure to get the best equipment for your riding style! Looking for help shredding? See our guides on expert snowboarding.


specially made boards so you have the perfect curvature for your riding style. Take into account the size of a snowboard. It should come up to the area between your nose and chin when it's standing upright on its tail. The width should give you enough space to strap your women's boards for those who need a thinner option. Now figure out your preferred riding style. All Mountain, or Bindings Snowboard bindings come in three main types: strap on, step in or plate/lever.  * Strap on bindings are the most common; they have a more flexible fit but should keep you safely in place during your ride.  * Step in bindings will require corresponding boots. These are super options for easy step in and out, but for trick riding you will want to steer clear of these. Oftentimes they will dislodge during hard landings or big falls.  * Plate/Lever bindings need to be fitted with matching boots. These are the most uncommon type of bindings and are made particularly for fast riders.


Accessorize! Make sure you have the latest gear this season so you're prepared for the slopes and will look good as well. * Snowboarding Gloves ** Look for some killer gloves from Grenade: they keep you warm and can be an awesome form of creative snowboarding expression. * Stomp Pad ** A snowboard stomp pad is something that comes into play while exiting a snow lift. When they are not shredding, snowboarders walk around with one foot unlactched. When you get off the lift, you usually have to make a quick turn, so a stomp pad is where you put your free foot until you can get strapped in again. It gives you traction to make a few turns before getting situated. * Snowboarding Socks ** These socks are higher than your average one so you'll have the comfort and warmth you need while keeping snow and slush out. * Snowboard Bag ** Keep your board free of nicks and scratches in transport, or bag it over the summer to keep the dust off. A snowboard bag is a wise investment for the safety of your board.

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