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Snowboarding  is a relatively new sport, but has seen incredible popularity since the 90s. Young and old alike have been drawn not only to the sport but to the culture that has developed around it. Because of this, buying equipment  isn't just about techs and specs. There's an emotional element, as people look for boards that define them as individuals. Luckily for the consumer there are plenty of manufacturers producing high quality sticks for every type of rider and personality.If you'd like to read up  on the gear  before you buy it, have no worries! We've done all of the research and gathered the information in specific buying guides. Choose a guide below for more in depth information. For a quick overview, scroll down!


Snowboarding requires a fair amount of equipment, and most of it must be costumized for the rider. For example, your boots  must fit your foot, and your bindings must fit your boots. Your board should be customized to your height, weight, and skill level, as well as the type of snowboarding you expect to do. Make sure that all of your equipment is compatible with you, your riding style, and your other gear.

These are the top snowboard picks for the $300-$500  price range, according to

Ride Kink 

Gnu Carbon High Beam 

Burton UnInc 

Rome Anthem 

Forum Joni Malmi 

Like choosing shoes, buying snowboard boots  is all about comfort and style. But remember that it's not just looks that count when considering style. Both the type of bindings  you plan to use as well as your riding style will be major factors to consider. This guide will discuss both of these issues as well as how to get the proper fit. You can also benefit from some of these quick picks, chosen by as favorites.

Salomon F20 

DC Park 

K2 T1 

ThirtyTwo Lashed 

Burton Hail ($160)

Don't Forget!

You'll also need bindings ,gloves ,goggles ,snowpants , and a coat . You may also want to look into hand warmers ,neck warmers ,hats ,wool socks , and other winter sports accessories . They may not be necessities, but they can add hours to your time out in the elements. For more information, try one of the buying guides above. Happy shopping!

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