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One of the most important aspects of exercising and staying fit is eating healthy. If you're looking for that extra boost during your workout, though, you may look to some of these sport and energy products. There are so many to choose from that picking out the right kind for you can be confusing, but the right energy bar or protein drink can help you take your workouts to the next level. There are so many energy products out there that are specifically designed to keep you going strong.

The main goals of these products are either to prepare for training, energized during training, or recovery after training. Its important to figure out what kind you're looking for before going out and buying a random product. These products are primarily targeted at those athletes doing more than 60 minute workouts, though,  so if you're planning on working out less than an hour, they may not be of as much use to you.

Types of Exercise

Aerobic (Weight Training)

  • Food high in anti-oxidants is best for recovery.
  • In any type of exercise, carbohydrates are the main source of energy. 
  • Keep coffee, tea, fruits and vegetables in your diet. 
  • Protein products  are good for building muscle. Many who strength train over estimate their protein needs, so try not to over do it. 


  • Carbohydrates are necessary when looking for endurance.
  • Fats are good for longer workouts, but won't be used by your body in shorter lighter workouts
  • Energy bars  and energy gels  will keep you going during a tough workout. They are easy to carry and digest.
  • Eat before and after the workout. Having a snack right after you work out will help replenish you're system.

Main Types

Here are some major types of energy boosters:

Energy Bars

Energy Gels

Sports Drinks

Recovery Drinks

Protein Products


Fat Loss Products


NO (Nitric Oxide)


Enery Bars

If you're tired of creating your own energy boosters such as bagel  with peanut butter , you should try out energy bars . They are intended to keep you going strong during a workout. Most are made mostly of carbohydrates mixed with protein and some vitamens and minerals in order to make sure you're getting everything you need during a workout. Check the amounts on the nutrition label before buying. They should be eaten about a half an hour before you paln on working out. For longer workouts, though, you should bring one along for a snack about every 20 to 25 minutes. Nutrition bars and energy bars also make great snack when you don't have time to eat a while meal. While it shouldn't replace meals daily, they are a good substitute when your too busy or in a rush. Also, sports bars have come along way. While they started out tasting like cardboard, they now come in many delicious flavors. Here are a few of the top products.

Energy Gels

Energy gels work in basically the same way energy bars do, but doesn't usually have protein or vitamens. Instead its a mix a complex carbohyrdrates mixed with water that will help keep you active and alert during a workout. They will rasie your blood sugar and will keep you active for about 45 minutes of exercise. Since they come in squeezable packages, they are light and easy to carry when going on a long run or bike ride. Here are some top products:

Protein Products

Protein products will enhance muscle growth and increase energy during workouts. However, before you gulp down all those protein shakes, make sure to first figure out how much protein your body is going to be using. Excess protein will do you no good. Also before you spend tons of money on protein products, you should know that protein in natural foods such as egg whites, chicken and tuna have the same protein in them. Also never replenish your body with a protein product. Use them before you workout and replenish with carbs afterwards. 

Types of protein products:

  • Protein Bars - A type of sports nutrition bar that is similar to an energy bar is a protein bar. Unfortunately, their claims for being low-carb and high in protein have raised scrutiny and tests have shown that they don't always measure the said quantities of protein and carbs correctly. 
  • Protein Drinks  and Powders  are not the same as sports drinks and should be drank before workouts, not during.

Popular Brands 

Sports Drink

Sports drink combine carbohydrates with additional supplements to keep you hydrated and replenish you during a workout. Because of the added carbohydrates, they will also help keep you energized as well and are often more beneficial than just drinking water. They come in a variety of flavors that can be bought pre-made  or as mix-it-yourself powder drinks . When shopping for sports drinks, you will obviously want something that will taste good. Glucose and sucrose will enhance sweetness and the performance of the drink. Fructose sweeteners, however, should be avoided as they can cause stomach or intestinal discomfort. The drinks listed here have been said to be mildly, not overly sweet, and with the proper level of carbs and calories. The best way to finding the best one for you is by trying out different types. Test out different flavors and different potencies to see how your body reacts. Here are some tops brands:

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