Women’s Sunglasses Buying Guide

Skiing, ice skating and marathons, all of them expose you to the UV radiation in the sun. UV protected sunglasses help in protecting your eyes . Sports sunglasses for women are ideal for athletics, water sports and winter sports.

Women's Sunglasses fashion Trends

  • Rayban Wayfarers: A rage a few years before they are still spotted on celebrities like Kate Moss. Classic black and dual coloured frames are all a fashio trend.
  • Round 'John Lennon' sunglasses: This fashion trend spotted in several fashion shows are women exclusive.  
  • Oversized Sunglasses: Be it tortoise shell or a metal frame these oversized glasses are indeed in vogue. 

Coloured Sunglass Lenses

  • Sunglass lenses are constructed of glass or plastic. Plastic lenses are acrylic, polycarbonate, CR-39 or polyurethane.
  • Colour distortion sometimes happen when you drive. Sunglasses with yellow, grey, red and brown lenses minimise it effectively.
  • Neutral colours are grey and green, whereas brown and turquoise increase the contrast.
  • Yellow and orange lenses help with contrast and depth perception. Especially yellow is being used even by pilots and in navigation for their colour distortion.

Commonly Asked Questions  

  • Should one go for polarised lenses or photo chromatic lenses?  Polarised lenses reduce glare that is reflected from objects around, where as photo chromatic lens darken on exposure to sun light. The choice of lens is according to personal preference. Anti–reflective coating on your sunglasses also help when you head outdoors in the sun.   
  • Do we get scratch proof lenses? A thin coating on top of the lens will help prevent scratching which is more common in plastic than glass. Sunglasses with mirror finish are popular however they are prone to scratches. 

Top Brands of women’s Sunglasses

  • Vintage Revolution
  • Vertigo Eyewear 
  • Maverick Clothing 
  • Bloc
  • Uvex 
  • Mirage Sunglasses
  • Serelo

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Gucci Women's Square Sunglasses, Tortoiseshell :

The lightly tinted sunglasses have a beautiful bamboo-effect with double 'G' logo.  

Outdoors Beige Metal Frame Metal Frame Women's Sunglasses :

The women’s sunglasses features a sports metal frame and protects the eyes from UV rays.  

Black Goggle Eye Sunglasses :

The retro style sunglasses are goggle eyed and UV protected.  

Quick Picks

Women’s Purple Sunglasses :

The cat eyes shaped glasses is feminine and graceful in style. 

Oakley Womens Enduring Pace Pearl White Sunglasses :

The pink sunglasses are on demand - athlete’s performance wear.   

Nike Tarj Classic Women’s Sunglasses :

The women’s sunglasses from Nike are UV protected and stylish as well.  

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