Spring Cleaning Guide

1 Room By Room 
    1.1 Closets and Clothing 
    1.2 Bathroom 
    1.3 Kitchen
    1.4 Bedroom
    1.5 Outdoors
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The weather is getting warmer and the leaves are budding.  Of course your first thoughts must be about cleaning, right?  If you are anything like the majority of us, spring cleaning  is not a fun task you anticipate every year, but rather a daunting chore that needs to be done.  With a host of gadgets  and products  to help you, there is no reason why spring cleaning can't be quick and easy. 

Room By Room 

It's imperative that you make a plan to go room by room each week on top of your normal cleaning  routine.  This way, you avoid becoming overwhelmed and you see to it that every room is cleaned thoroughly and properly.  To begin your cleaning adventure, walk around your house with a notepad  and pen .  Jot down things that need to be done; as you get to each room, you can cross off each task with satisfaction.   

Closets and Clothing 

It's amazing how many people own clothes  that they never wear.  Take everything out of the closet  and start fresh.

  • Give away unwanted items!  Keep in mind that if you haven't worn an item of clothing  in the past year, chances are you probably never will. 
  • Once everything is out of the closet and in a pile, dust ,sweep , and polish  all parts of the closet.
  • Think about investing in a shoe rack  or clothes organiser  to separate and divide articles of clothing and open up much more room. 
  • If you have little space to begin with, consider packing away winter clothes  into a large bin  and storing them until the cold weather returns. 


You spend a large amount of time in the bathroom, and it shows.  Dust collects on toiletries  and porcelain and will need to be cleaned. 


This area of your home sees a lot of action.  If done right, you can complete this chore in an afternoon. 


Believe it or not, in between linens and cushions lie millions of little dust mites that you surely will want gone.  


Get friends and family together and have a good clearing out of the garage ,shed ,patio ,garden , etc.  It's always fun and easy to have more hands involved! 

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