Upcoming Blu-Ray Releases Buying Guide

So what's special about Blu-Ray ? The fact that you can record, rewrite, and playback hours upon hours of high definition television with nothing but a disc the size of a DVD . A Blu-Ray player  helps to deliver a high-quality viewing experience that can only be found in the theatres. Whether you are thinking about making the switch or you have already started an extensive Blu-Ray collection in your home, check out these new and upcoming releases.


Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 

The triple play edition of Ice Age includes the Blu-Ray, DVD and digital copy of the film so that it can be played any time, anywhere. Enjoy this fun children's comedy about The Ice Age in high quality, and if you really like the movie, pick up the Blu-Ray  with the sticker book included. 

X-Men Origins: Wolverine 

Want to know just how Wolverine got those silver claws? Follow his history and get all the back-story you need with popular characters like Sabretooth, Deadpool and Gambit. Pick up the triple play edition with DVD, Blu-Ray and digital copy included, or the Quadrilogy  with all three X-Men movies including the new origins film.

Star Trek 

What better way to watch this journey into space than in high definition? Whether you have watched Star Trek  for years or are a new fan, this movie takes you through the beginning trials of Captain Kirk and his crew and delivers an action-packed prequel to the popular TV series and movies.

The Hangover 

This hilarious comedy will keep you laughing from beginning to end. Follow the story of Doug and his three friends, who decide to take a trip to Las Vegas shortly before his wedding and are completely unprepared for what they will experience while they are in the city of sin.

TV Shows on Blu Ray

Watch your favourite shows as only high definition can deliver them. Check out these shows that have recently come to Blu-Ray.

The Simpsons: Season 12 

This season of the Simpsons has several popular episodes, including one where Homer becomes a genius and the popular character, Sideshow Bob, makes a return to the series.

Gossip Girl: Complete Season 1 and 2 

Pick up both of the scandalous first two seasons of this TV show which follows Manhattan's elite set of high school teens as they live the highs and lows of the rich and famous.

Lost: Series 5 

Now that they've gotten off the island, all they need to do is go back. Watch as the Oceanic 6 gets together to continue to solve the mysteries of the island and their mysterious connection to it.

Heroes: Season 3 

The story of our heroes continues to get more twisted as they seek to define themselves through their actions and learn to control their powers.

Complete TV Seasons

You've waited for it, and now it's here! Check out these complete TV show series on Blu-Ray.

Rome: The Complete Series 

This Blu-Ray set tells the entire story of the falling and corruption of Rome, and includes both seasons, in addition to enhanced content that outlines the history of this great city.

The Prisoner: The Complete Series 

This is the 1968 series that follows the complicated and surreal life on an ex-spy with a new and restored look. Watch all of the episodes including a documentary added as special footage.

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series 

This cult classic was short-lived but not forgotten by its fans. Pick up the box set featuring all of the stellar episodes in one fantastic place.

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