Valentine's Gifts for Kids

From the decorations  and candy  to the parties and kiddie crafts , kids love Valentine's Day. The celebrations shouldn't be reserved for those who are romantically involved and neither should the gift giving! Kids love any excuse to receive a gift and they thrill of unwrapping it adds some excitement to their day. Valentine's Day gifts for kids, though, should by no means be extravagant or over-the-top. Try and be creative. Most of the time they'll be just as excited about a tiny teddy bear  as any other gift, but getting the same thing every year is tiring so try and switch it up. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Quick Tips

  • Stay reasonable. Don't go all out or spend a ton of money or they'll expect the same every year.
  • Keep in mind feeling special and appreciated is really the main objective when giving gifts on Valentine's Day.
  • Gifts don't have to be extravagant to be extra special. Personalize them with a special note or engravement. 
  • Instead of a gift you could organize some quality time together. Doing arts and crafts or a special trip to the movies is a great way to celebrate.
  • Gifts that are Valentine's Day themed are the most suitable to this holiday, but won't be useful when the celebrations are over. 
  • Try and be age appropriate.
  • Don't get something just to get something. Make sure they'll get some enjoyment out of it or else it's just a waste of money.
  • Don't get candy for younger kids. Make sure they are old enough that it's not a choking hazard and be willing to watch their proportions.

Classic Choices

If you can't think of anything specific for your little guy or girl, these are some gifts that always will be appreciated. As little tokens of your affection, they show that you were thinking about your kids this Valentine's Day. 

Stuffed Animals 

Candies and Chocolate 

Valentine's Day Card Kit 


Heart Charm 

For Girls

Have a little princess in your life? Make her feel extra special this Valentine's Day with one of these great gift ideas. 


Disney Princess Watch 

Princess Costume 

Flip Flops 

Music Jewelry Box 

For Boys

Boys love being active. They will definitely appreciate gifts that encourage them to be creative and run around more. Just be sure the gift won't drive you nuts in the long run.  

Jack in the Box 

Boy's Shirt 

Radio Flyer Toys 

Elmo Toys 

Leapster Games 

For Babies

Buying for babies is always fun. Any holiday is an excuse to pick out those adorable accessories or tiny clothing for your youngster. Make sure, though, that everything you get is baby safe and age appropriate.

Baby Quilt or Blanket 

Cute Sayings Bibs 

Pearl Baby Bracelet 

Baby Sweater 

Rocking Horse