Water Toys

My godson's first word was "poo," which in babyspeak meant pool . I know what you are thinking and we almost thought it too, but the idea that this could just be a defecatory euphemism was soon discarded. This is because every time we passed a pool--and sometimes a puddle--he would fling his arms in pointed excitement and exclaim, "Poo!" Devoid of a proper baby/English dictionary, we concluded that--like most children--he was fascinated with this outdoor bathtub . Two years later, his excitement remains inexhaustible, and I doubt it will ever change. As a fully grown water aficionado I can attest to our undying aquatic passion, and we are neither new nor few. We fellow water lovers benefit from those before who dreamt the dream of watery fun.

For the Pool

Pool Slides 

There are many types of pool slides that range from the inflatable  to durable fibreglass . Most are detachable , but they can be built directly into a new or existing pool (the build in slide does, however, require costly professional construction). 

Inflatable Animals 

All animals are peaceful when they are inflatable. This is how you swim with turtles ,sea lions ,ducks ,alligators ,sharks ,whales , and dolphins , all at the same time!

Rafts  and Floats 

Laze in the water and score a tan, or simply take a break from all the excitement; this is the purpose of the raft. You may even want to take a little nap on it! 

Pool Noodles 

Pool noodles can be used to keep afloat or rest, to sit, or to aid a tired or inexperienced swimmer.

*You can also fill the middle with pool water and shoot it to great heights by blowing into the opposite end).


The most basic floating device known to man. They are used for floating, swimming, and even life saving.  

Pool Sports

Choose among many options: volleyball ,basketball ,water polo , and more. 

Face Masks  and Goggles 

An entirely new sight experience. 

Dive Rings  and Dive sticks 

Throw these into the water and after they have sunk to the bottom, see who can find the most!


 We have toys on land, so why not have toys in the water? The kids are going to get bored without something to occupy them. 

For the Ocean or Lake


Specifically built for the water, it comes with a central anchor to ensure it doesn't shift.

Jet skis 

Why didn't they have these when I was a kid? If it wasn't so likely that I would break it, I would buy one for myself. 

Banana Boats 

These water floats can be occupied be several people and can be a free floating toy, or a more speedy transportation device if pulled by a boat. 


These are really good for any type of water. They can be used for floating, kicking, or riding waves. They may also be used for isolated leg exercises.

Watery Fun on Land

Inflatable Waterslides 

These slides usually have a log flume which provides easy sliding. It is like a water park all your own. 

Race Water Slide 

Run, run faster, faster still, and then slide to the end of a water covered race road on your belly. Now that spells fun.


This is the traditional alternative to not having a pool. But modern sprinklers can rotate, spray, talk, or look like your child's favourite characters. 

Water Guns 

Water guns can be used on land or in the water. They are great for cooling off while playing in the outdoor sun. 

Water Balloons 

Create teams and see who can avoid getting hit with one of these babies. The team with the last standing player wins. 

For the Bath

Wind-up Toys 

 Wind it up and watch it go all on its own. 

Bath Books 

Water resistant books to read during bath time!

Bath Crayons 

These crayons are made to draw on the bathtub and tiles so they are easily washed off and will not stain your bathroom fixtures. 

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