Wedding Beauty Buying Guide

For all brides, the big day can provoke feelings of excitement but also some of panic and anxiety.  All eyes will be turned towards you as you make your grand entrance, and let's not forget all of the cameras that will be snapping away throughout the event.  Surely, you will want to be looking and feeling your best!  We are here to help you break down all of the essentials necessary for flawless beauty from start to finish. 

Helpful Tips

  • It is important to start a skincare regime  at least six months prior to your wedding.  To get on track, check out our Guide to Skin Supplements.  Here you can learn about useful vitamins  and products  that will clear your skin and keep it fresh.  If you are still feeling clueless, visit a dermatologist for even more advice.
  • Begin to get regular facials  at a reputable spa or salon.  This will help to bring out your natural glow on your wedding day!
  • Wear sunscreen  everyday.  You should apply a moisturiser  with an SPF of at least 15!  Incorporate this into your daily routine for even healthier skin.
  • Schedule final waxing  appointments a week or two before the big day; you won't want to do it sooner for fear of drying and redness.  If you've never had your eyebrows  shaped before, start this process two months in advance in order to perfect the look that you want.
  • Your wedding day is not the day to attempt a new look, as you will want to feel comfortable in your own skin.  However, do understand that you will have to apply your make-up in tones that are darker than your norm to avoid looking washed out in photos.
  • Use make-up to accent your best feature.  For example, to bring attention to your eyes, use subtle contrasting colours (blue eyes may want to wear a soft violet  and brown eyes may want a slate blue ).  
  • Know that healthy skin does not only come from regular cleansing  and moisturising.  It is important to eat right, exercise, and get the proper amounts of sleep!

Wedding Make-up

Choose a make-up that reflects the formality of your event.  A day wedding will incorporate softer tones whereas a formal evening wedding will require more dramatic make-up. 

For the Face

Match your skin tone appropriately.  Remember that if you plan to do any tanning (self-tanning  or otherwise) then you will need to take your face make-up a shade darker than what you might normally buy. 

Tinted Moisturiser 

Foundation Primer 





Finishing Powder 

Facial Blotters 

For the Eyes

You will want to be sure that the colours you choose for your eyes will also complement your skin tone!  Blue tones  flatter fair skin, while corals  help enhance the beauty of olive tones; bronze  and caramel  colours look best on darker skin.  It's also important to consider the seasonPastels  will look lovely in the spring, brights  are best for the summer, neutrals  are beautiful in the autumn, and metallics  really shine in the winter.    




Eyelash Curler 

For the Lips

Lip make-up  should be in contrast with your face make-up and your dress.  Keep in mind that heavy eye make-up  should be balanced with soft coloured lipstick , whereas neutral eyes will want to opt for a brighter  or darker  shade on their lips.  

Lip Balm 

Lip Pencil 

Lip Colour 

Lip Gloss 

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