Wedding Beauty

When it comes to wedding day makeup, you have two choices: go the road alone or hire a pro. While getting a professional to handle your makeup can be fun, it can also be costly. However, when you consider that your wedding photos will be around forever, you do want to look your absolute best. If you simply can't afford a pro, consider a makeup book to give you inspiration. Whichever method you choose, there are a few things to remember no matter what. * Even if you go ''au naturel'' on a daily basis, don't forget that your wedding day is special. Take the opportunity to use makeup,even if it's just a touch. * If you normally wear makeup, stick to what you like and what you usually wear. Just because the day is special doesn't mean that you should use it as an excuse to go overboard. Remember that people want to see you on your wedding day, not a contrived version of you. * Wedding photos will last a lifetime. Make sure that you are choosing a makeup look that will still make you smile ten years from now. * Always do a few trial runs of different styles before committing. This should be done throughout the month before the wedding, if not sooner. Test it with your hairdo to make sure that it coordinates well. * Consider the lighting. Full-out falsies and jet black liquid eye liner and highlighting cream might look a little overdone for a morning wedding. Likewise, a barely there face in a dimly lit church or dance floor will look stark and featureless. The bottom line is to plan accordingly. You might even test out your makeup in sunshine or in a darker environment with the help of a friend and your digital camera. You'll quickly see if you've gone overboard with the bronzer, too slick with the shine, or clown-style with your lips. * Avoid the sun before your wedding. Sunburn and peeling skin is the last thing you want. Use a light bronzer or sunless tanner instead. * Waterproof eye makeup and long lasting lipstick are must-haves. Tell your maid of honor, or perhaps your mom, to keep a close eye on your makeup and to give you the heads up when you need a touch up. This way, you'll stay beautiful all day long. * Be sure to keep an emergency kit on hand. It should include everything from deodorant and extra makeup to clear nail polish and a mini sewing kit. * Choose makeup and hairstyle that goes with your personality. See below for tips on choosing a wedding day beauty style if you are creating your own look.

Hiring a Makeup Artist

'''Where to Start''' -- Shopping around for a makeup artists doesn't have to be hard as long as you give yourself enough time and if you go to the right people. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations as well as your hairstylist and/or photographer. Go to department store makeup counters and talk to the salespeople about a consultation. Consultants might allow you to come to the store on your wedding day to recreate a look they make for you and some might even come to your home. And don't forget makeup training schools. Most of the young women in these schools have plenty of talent and skill to create a pretty look for your wedding day. Even if you just get a consultation, it will help you try out different looks. '''Testing the Waters''' -- When you meet with a makeup artist, you want him or her to interview you as much as you interview them. What that means is that the person should know enough about bridal beauty to ask you about your dress, your veil, your hairstyle, and even the wedding's style including the time, season, theme and/or color scheme. When it comes to a consultation, which you should have done early in the day, test to see how your fiancé likes the look and consider whether the makeup feels comfortable and lasts throughout the day. While the artist does your makeup, ask about what type of makeup he or she uses. What happens when you need touch ups? ! '''Questions to Ask''' -- There are lots of questions to ask your makeup artist. * Is the artist free to work on the day of your wedding and can he or she do trial runs with you prior to the wedding? This should be a given. You need these trial runs to test in front of the cameras and lights to make sure that the look works. * Will the makeup artist travel at no extra charge? Usually makeup artists are happy to travel for you, but the question is how far. * Does the artist have a portfolio or samples of work he or she has done? Samples give you an idea of the person's level of professional, skill, creativity, and style. Without samples, you'll need to depend solely on what he or she does for the consultation. * Is this a full-time profession? Has he or she had professional training? How many years has the artist been working? How much of that time was spent doing makeup specifically for weddings? * Is he or she primarily used to creating looks for photography, video, or both? Check that the foundation the artist uses is appropriate for bright lights for film and video, and most importantly, your skin type. * Will the artist give you a discount if he or she also does the makeup for all of your bridesmaids? * Does the artist have reference that you can contact? This is important because you can find out how professional the artist is (organized, punctual, friendly, calm). * Does this person have business cards, a Web site, brochures, or use contracts? These are little details that display the professionalism of the artist. * With the contract, which you should have, make sure that you include: ** The total cost of the services and what's included. ** How many people will be served. ** The amount of the deposit and when it's due. ** Contact information. ** The time and date of the wedding and when the artist is expected to arrive. ** The policies for refunds, cancellations, and for no-shows on the artist's behalf.

Makeup Styles


The traditional bride sticks to the basics to create a timelessly elegant and radiant look without looking like she is wearing too much makeup. Your style is simple: Sheer makeup that lets your natural beauty shine through. To improve every facet of your style, you indulge in luxury items and premium spa treatments and facials to keep your hair, skin, and nails properly pampered. For your weddin-day look, the key is to attain that glowing look that you capture so well. Some of the items you might want to add to your beauty bag include the following:

Classic Femininity

You are glamorous, sophisticated, and your idols are Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. You love vintage and heirlooms and your beauty look is just as retro as the items you have in your closet. In your makeup bag you've got plenty of red lipsticks, a pair of false eye lashes, and the essential black mascara. For your wedding day look, play up your hair like an old starlet with plenty of hair spray to get the perfect sculpted do. Treat hands and feet to softening overnight treatments or paraffin baths. For the face, give your skin a beta-hydroxy treatment to boost your complexion. !


You love romantic looks and feeling like a princess. Dressing up is one of your fortés. Color is your friend, which is probably why you have a makeup bag full of soft pastels hues, shimmery shadows, plenty of pinks, racy metallics, and even the trendiest coral shades. For you wedding day style, play up your eyes and give your skin a dewy, glowing, nearly ethereal look. You'll be the belle of the ball. Pre-wedding indulgences that you might like are facials and mud masks. Plus, treat yourself to a new set of makeup brushes.

Natural Girl

Your having a wedding on a beach, in the mountains, or anywhere else where you can have fun in the sun and fresh air. You love sports and outdoors and you don't bother with a major makeup routine on a daily basis, but for your wedding you'll play up your natural beauty with the slightest, lightest touches. Before the wedding, take advantage of manicures (with clear or neutral polish, of course), weekly pedicures, body scrubs, and exfoliating glycolic skin treatments. !


You change your hair color as often as you change your mind. Palettes with multiple shades for eyes, lips, and cheeks are essential. Beauty basics are your staples items that you wouldn't dare leave home without, so you have a makeup bag overflowing with all sorts of fun products. Take time before the wedding to indulge in chemical peels or microdermabrasion. You might even try Ice-Source for minimizing wrinkles. For your hands and feet, opt for paraffin baths and French manicures and pedicures.


Getting the right hairstyle to match your veil and headpiece is important. It frames your face and creates balance with your neckline. To get an idea of some great styles to try, check out some of the following Web sites. Using bridal magazines and online resources can give you an idea of what look you want to create when you go to talk to your stylist. Always bring the photos with you and give yourself about two to three hours per appointment. * OneWedspellerr -- Excellent photos with cutting edge styles and plenty of ideas. Definitely a must-see. * USA Bride -- Very basic, but you get some ideas for updos, curly hair, short styles, and more. * -- It's in Swedish, but regardless, there are some intensely fierce updos to check out. * Bridal Insider -- Hundreds of pictures in this gallery of bridal hair. * African American Bride -- Some pictures of looks geared towards African American women. * -- Register with this site to upload your photo and virtually experiment with bridal hairstyles, cuts, and color. * Wedding Channel -- A great Web site for wedding information, and their articles on hair are pretty good too. * Hair Boutique -- Some useful articles (after typing "bridal" into the search). * Wedding Hair -- Interesting if you are a do-it-yourself kind of gal. SImply order a kit of photos (bobby pins and elastics sold separately) and make the updo yourself!

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