Bathroom Furnishings and Accessories Buying Guide

Once you’ve settled on a theme and colour scheme for your bathroom, the next step is to start furnishing it with the right furniture and fixtures. One key point to remember is – use your imagination as much as you like, but remember to keep everything functional and practical at the same time.  

Bathroom Linen

Hand towels are placed beside the wash basin to wipe your hands after a wash.  Bath towels are used to rub oneself dry after a bath. Inspect the GSM (grams per square meter) factor of your towel at the shop. The higher it is, the denser your bath towel is - meaning better warmth and absorbancy. 

Bathroom Furniture and Fittings

 You will need a sturdy vanity with drawers or door. Your bathroom sink should be wide to keep your sanitary products by the sink at times. A bathroom cabinet offers extra storage space. Wall cabinets and racks can increase storage space. If you own a large bathroom, then you can even buy a storage chest for bath robes and bath linen.

Bathroom Lighting

Go for wall lighting in a bathroom. The shelves need to be illuminated. You can go for chrome or brass fixtures. Here’s a tip - if you have a small bathroom, install more mirrors and go for small bathroom furniture with inbuilt lighting like bulbs.  

Bathroom Accessories

You will also need a soap dish or dispenser, tumblers and toilet paper holder. Add the finishing touch to your bathroom with bathroom décor such as bathroom candles, organization pieces, tissue boxes and bathroom potpourri. But try not to clutter the space too much. Last but not the least, buy a wastebasket and a laundry basket.    

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Vanity Bathroom Cabinet :

This glossy white cabinet has a double-mirrored door.  

Bathroom Light Chrome Wall Fitting :

This classy metallic fitting illuminates your bathroom in style!  

Bath Cabinets Radstock Corner Display Cabinet :

 This traditionally styled cabinet has glass doors and is perfect for displaying your bathroom decor items.  

Quick Picks

Bamboo Collection Bath Mat :

Get this lovely mat with block weave design!  

Silver Crown Towel Ring :

This silver bathroom fitting adds a ‘regal’ touch to your bathroom! 

Miller Stockholm Soap Dish :

This wall-mounted soap holder has a chrome finish. 

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