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CD Players

Though MP3 player docks are climbing in popularity, CD players remain the home speaker system of choice for audiophiles. Review the options below and research a few of the links, you're bound to find a quality system that suits your needs, budget and lifestyle. If you want a CD player for while you're on the go, checkout the personal CD players buying guide.

Technical Specs

* Some CD players can only play music (burned or bought) in audio format whereas some can play CDs with MP3s burned on them.
** If you burn a lot of CDs, make sure your player can read them.
** A CD-R/RW can hold a lot more when burned with MP3s than with audio files.
* '''Signal-to-Noise''' ratio measures how much floor noise there is with a player.  A high number signifies that there's not much noise beside that newfangled junk you call music.
* '''D/A Converters''' change the digital music into an analog audio signal.
* '''Connection Cables'''
** '''Analog''' cables connect with wires labeled "left" and "right" to your speakers.  They're the default and the lowest quality.
** '''Coaxial Digital Input/Output''' converts a digital signal into an analog one for the speakers.
*** While it looks like most RCA jacks, make sure the cable is designed for digital signals.
** '''TOSLINK/Optical Line''' cables are the cleanest sound for about $20.
* '''Frequency Response/Range''' tells you the frequency range that the player can transmit reliably.
** This is audio equivalent of knowing how many colors your TV can project.
** Typical people with undamaged hearing can hear 20Hz - 20 kHz.
*** If your player has a range larger than that, you're just showing off.
* By now, most players will have the typical "shuffle," "repeat," and "skip" buttons that originally set CDs apart.  Have a blast.

Also Look For

* DVD Players that also play CD's.

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