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So you were cleaning out your room and you found all of those CDs  from the 90's that you haven't seen in years.  Surely you will want to re-live the decade by blasting some Spice Girls  and Chumbawamba ... but maybe you can't bring yourself to download them onto your iPod quite yet.  You are going to need to bust out that old CD player  (or maybe even invest in a new one?) to keep that old music playing well into the new millennium.  

Types of Compact Disc Players


Also appropriately termed the "ghetto blaster ," the boom box  made its début in the 80's and is still going strong.  It's portable and lightweight , allowing you to rock out in your bedroom, sing along while cooking in the kitchen, or take your 90s Greatest Hits CD  along with you to a party. 

CD Player Stereo Systems

This is a great choice for those who have a lot of CDs floating around the house.  By purchasing a stereo system with a built-in CD player , you can listen to your music as loud and as often as you want to.  The perk here is that you also have the convenience of a radio  and surround-sound speakers .   

Portable CD Players

Perfect for a commute or a run, portable CD players  allow you to take your music on-the-go.  Since you can only listen to one CD at a time, you may also want to take your CD case  along with you.  Pick up a pair of noise reduction headphones  for an even better experience.    

Multi-Disc Changers

For a good amount of songs, think about a multi-disc CD changer .  This allows you to put 6 , or even 12  CDs into it at once and then play them continuously in a loop or on shuffle for a variety.  It's perfect for entertaining or for the avid CD collector. 

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