Christmas Gifts for Pets

Your cat or dog doesn't really live on a calendar; as far they're concerned, setting out Christmas decorations is just another weird thing you do between feedings and bedtime. Let your pets share in the holiday magic, and make the season special for them too! Buying Christmas gifts for pets may seem silly to some, but pet owners who love their pooches and kitty cats will not hear of anything less. If it makes pet owners and their pets happy, why not? So go ahead and buy Fido a new bed and Fluffy a new scratching post. We've compiled a list of some of the top pet gift ideas out there. Happy shopping!

Christmas Specialities

These Holiday speciality items will help the furriest member of your family feel included in the festivities, and we aren't talking about your Uncle Herbert! Ornaments , toys, hats , and even holiday bowls are just what you need to spread some holiday cheer to your pets.

Holiday Cheer!

Pet Stockings 

Hang above the fireplace on Christmas eve and--okay, you know the drill. You might want to avoid adding treats until the last minute; your pet's olfactory nerves are sharp and they don't understand delayed gratification.

Santa Dog Costumes 

Come on, who doesn't love a dog in a Santa suit? If your pooch is calm enough to wear clothes, a Santa Clause outfit must be part of their holiday wardrobe. Not recommended for cats; they're a bit more fussy.

Snowman Dog Toys 

Let your dog's toys be just as festive as the rest of the world this December. They look so joyful gnawing on Santa's head.

Bell Cat Collars 

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bell Rock, Jingle All the Way... the holidays are all about jingle bells. Add a little jingle to your cat's step with one of these collars!

For Fido

Doggy Gifts

Basted Rawhide Bones 

Let him sink his teeth into this baby! He'll love the intense flavour, and it might keep him from chewing on your new snow boots this year.

Organic Treats 

A treat made of entirely pronounceable ingredients--can it be?  These come in a variety of shapes and flavours, so you're sure to find one your pup will love.

Vinyl Squeaky Toys 

Though these toys are notorious for entertaining pooches but torturing owners, every now and then it's good to be completely altruistic. How could you deny them their favourites?

Football Toys 

Is your dog for Man U or Arsenal?  Better yet, are you and your dog rivals?  You should both have an avenue for showing your spirit, and that's where these toys come in.

Dog Beds 

Replace a bed that's worn, outgrown, or chewed up this holiday season. Your dog needs a place of rest just like you do! Make sure it's warm and designated to their normal sleep zone.

For Fluffy

Kitty Gifts

Catnip Socks 

Watch Fluffy go nuts over her new favourite toy! It will drive your kitty gaga, and you can also make your own with some catnip spray  and an old sock.

Cat Tunnels 

Perfect for kittens and younger, more playful cats. This tunnel provides a "private" place to sleep, a fun place to play with other felines, or just an entertaining toy.

Water Fountains 

Give your kitty the gift of continuous fresh water with a running fountain for cats. As an added bonus, it sounds really soothing.

Scratching Posts 

Get your cat a scratching post that'll keep the claws on the post and off the couch. Just don't forget to have those newly sharpened claws trimmed.

Heated Cat Beds 

Purrrrfect for the luxurious feline, this bed will keep your kitty warm and cosy this winter. He/she will still sleep in places they shouldn't, but now they also have the bed.

Picking Out Toys

Wondering how to choose that toy that your dog or cat will love?  Read on for some helpful hints, and remember to always supervise your pet while he or she is playing.

  • Always pick a toy that is specifically for pets. Toys meant for babies or children can sometimes contain irritating fibres or pieces that could be ingested.
  • When you're choosing a toy, think about your pet's personality.
    • If he or she loves to carry things around--sort of a security blanket--you might choose a plush toy  that will be gentle on gums. 
    • However, if they're always looking for ways to get in the food cabinet or escape their pen, consider a problem-solving toy. 
    • If you have a chewer, you'll definitely want something that is built to last: think strong, rubber toys .
  • Exercise caution with squeaky toys .  If your dog is a chewer, he or she could remove the squeaker and swallow it pretty quickly.  Remember: supervise!
  • Cats are natural born stalkers, so you'll want to find a toy that they can hunt.  Look for mice  or feathers  attached to strings or wands  so your hands will be safely out of harm's way when kitty pounces!
  • You will also want a post on which Fluffy can sharpen his claws (this will also save your furniture).  There are cardboard , carpeted, vertical, and angled posts, among others. You might have to experiment to see which one your cat likes best.  Here are some tips:
    • If you have a cat who spends time outdoors, a scratching post resembling a tree stump  may work best.
    • If you have carpeting in your home, it's best not to purchase a post covered in carpet  as your cat might not distinguish between his toy and your floor treatments.  You might want to look at using sisal rope  instead.
    • The post you choose should have a sturdy base so it will feel stable to your kitty.
    • If you choose a vertical scratcher , it should be about half the height of your cat (if he were to stand) so he can stretch as he scratches.

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