Diecast Model Car Collectibles Buying Guide

Diecast model car collecting is a great activity that can be as extensive or minimal as you want it to be. From pickup trucks to convertibles, these cars can be purchased from a variety of collectors' stores or off many exclusive web sites. Some models grow in value over time, so it is important to preserve your collectible cars and keep them in good shape. To begin your collection, first think about what you like best. When collecting, it's best to narrow down what type of cars you like so that the process is more streamlined and focused. Also, remember that many cars are built comparatively to scale an actual car, so numbers like 1:12 and most popularly 1:72 are offered when purchasing a model. See your options below.


Display and Care

After you've begun your collection, you will want to display your cars without ruining their integrity or value. Storing them inside of protective casing is your best bet; damage from the sun's rays and weather conditions can affect the look of your model.  Many companies offer display cases that are designed to house multiple models, or they offer glass cases for individual items that should be stored alone.  If you want to keep the cars in the original cardboard, be especially careful not to get it wet or bend it.  If your car needs some touching up, keep in mind that replacement parts for certain models are available, but this may decrease the value of your car. Also, if it needs an occasional dusting, be sure to do it with a dry cloth--a damp cloth can cause fading.

Popular Collections

* Camaros * Cadillacs * Ford Mustang * Mercedes Benz * Nascar * Volkswagon Bugs

Other Options

Besides these diecast cars, there are other items you can collect. See a few more options below.

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