Formal Hats Buying Guide

Formal hats are worn at lavish, ceremonial or formal events such as weddings, social events.

Kinds of Hats

For Men : You can choose a hat according to the formal outfit you will be wearing it with, and of course, the event.  

  • Top Hats : This was previously a status and prestige symbol in early England. It has a tall and flat crown. You can get a collapsible  or non collapsible one.

For Women : When it comes to ladies formal hats , the choice you have is truly extensive. According to the seasonal trends, you can buy spring ,fall  or winter hats. They can be in materials such as satin ,felt  or soft suede .  womens trimmed hat 

  • Fancy hats with embellishments include wedding hats  that are typically white  in colour and occasion hats.
  • Bridal hats  come in styles such as the wedding hat with veil.

Quick Picks


Stunning Formal Wedding / Ascot Hat :

This black and silver hat has matching feather trim.

Eugenia Kim Alabaster Velour Felt Asymmetrical Fedora :

This lovely hat has a silver stripe detail.

Top Hat Black Felt :

This stylish hat is a wonderful accessory for men.


Exeter Fur Felt Hat by Stetson :

This men’s hat is on the borderline between formal and informal.

Dressage Hat :

This smart hat has a shiny silk-like finish.

Contrast Bands Small Brim Hat :

This white hat in small brim style is a beauty!

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