Kitchen Textiles Buying Guide

No one can deny the importance of kitchen textiles as they find use in various aspects of kitchen from keeping the cook clean to drying cleaned utensils, mopping the kitchen, covering the table or setting the table.  

Kinds of Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen textiles are available in various designs, patterns and styles as fabric dyed, chequered design, striped, jacquard and many more.  Here are few commonly used kitchen textiles.  

  • Placemats: Fabric made placemats allow you to easily clean off your dining table from the dinner time mess. They also allow you to make a table placement.
  • Napkins: From light shades of plain napkins to colourful or patterned napkins, tuck them before you sit for dining.
  • Tablecloth: Using tablecloth or linen will help you set your dining table in style and elegance.
  • Runner: Table runners add to the spark of a fine dinner setting and will help you hide the table legs.
  • Non Terry and Terry Dish Cloth: These absorbent cloths will help you wipe dishes after cleaning them.
  • Pot Holders: You need to use them to hold hot utensils.
  • Apron: An apron is essential to keep your dress from getting messed up while you are cooking or cleaning.
  • Kitchen rugs can spice up kitchens and are most often used based on the available dining space. Small size accent kitchen rugs are used for safety and comfort, while larger ones are good for style and new look. Flat weave rugs and the ones that are stain resistant and easy to clean should be chosen.

Factors Considered while Choosing Kitchen Textiles

  • The textiles chosen for kitchen used should not bleed, should not be prone to fire accidents and so on.
  • Kitchen fabrics and cloths might contain toxins in the form of mordants or synthetic dyes that they need to be avoided.
  • When buying fire retardant kitchen textiles care should be taken to avoid the ones with PBDEs.

Quick Picks

Quick Picks

Text Kitchen Textiles Set :

Made from cotton gauntlet, this three-piece set feature a modern ivory black text design.

Cotton Checked Kitchen Towels :

You can use these towels to clean vegetables after they are washed.

SilverMark Microfibre Kitchen Cloths :

Three in a pack, these towels have super absorbency and help you keep things clean.

Quick Picks

Worksmart Living Kitchen Apron :

You need to wear this to keep your clothing from food splashes while cooking.

Vintage Floral Kitchen Textile Set :

This 3-piece set includes a tea towel, double oven glove and an apron.

Kitchen Class Tea Towels :

These are handy towels that will help you dry up the occasional spill or cleaning counters in a hurry.


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