Tea Towels Buying Guide

A tea towel is used for lining the tea tray when serving tray. It also has several miscellaneous uses in the kitchen. There are special tea towels called waffle tea towels. Some tea towels are used for drying crockery before use.

Materials of Tea Towels

Tea towels need to be made of an absorbent and lint-free fabric. For this purpose, linen tea towels are ideal. Linen fabric easily dries dishes or cutlery. There are also cotton tea towels. Cotton is a good fabric for lining tea trays. They keep the tea pot stable and absorb the heat. Microfiber is another material used for making tea towels more durable.

Styles and Designs

You can easily get tea towels in the pattern, design and style you prefer. Embroidered, appliqué and printed tea towels are great choices for a homemaker. We would have also often come across chequered print tea towels. Printed ones are hung up as wall decorations while some are sold as tourist souvenirs. You can get them in floral prints too.


The tea towel comes in a range of sizes to suit your needs. Standard sizes include 45 x 70 cm and a giant size of 60 x 90 cm. You can also get them in packs of a dozen.

Other Factors

The primary role of a tea towel is to catch any drips and spills on your tea service set. Your tea towel should not have any loose stitching and frayed edges. It is better to get thick tea towels for lining trays.  The tea towel needs to be clean at all times. Do not use it for wiping dirty dishes or sundry cleaning in the kitchen. Its role is different from that of a rag or kitchen cloth. They find place at the breakfast table as well. Use them to cover up hot scones or waffles!

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