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One of the greatest treats about being a kid is having an imagination with no limits or borders. As important as it is for kids to study and do well in school, it is equally important for them to exercise and explore their own creativity. With the ever-increasing demand for electronic video games, it's important that we don't lose sight of how important and beneficial simple toys, like the slinky, are for a child's creative development. Bring imagination back into play with any of these timeless playtime activities.


Turn the television off and get ready to roll the dice! Board games like Candy Land, Life, Monopoly are a great way to spend quality family time. No matter the age, everyone can enjoy being a kid again with these classic games.

Educational Toys/Games

Who says that you can't have fun while learning? Games take the pressure off of learning by turning something that can be tedious and boring into something fun and exciting.

Outdoor and Active Toys

Don't just sit there, get moving! The best games are those that involve physical outdoor activity and that exercise your mind and body.

Creative Toys

Create your own magical world full of exotic creatures and lands. All you need is a some paper, a colourful palate, and your own imagination. Nothing truly captures a child's creativity like his own artistic creations.

Classic Kids' Toys

As new trends come and go it's always refreshing to know that certain things never go out of style. Instead of boxing your old toys away in storage share them with your children. Classic toys, like the slinky, never lose their fun.

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