Lifestyle Guide

You are someone that likes choices, a personality shifting mystique. You remember being a young lad skilled in the art of hunting, a teen who joined PETA--and who publicly declared that all hunters should be shot and slow roasted--the eco-friendly twentysomething who planted trees and talked to flowers. A few years later the--much older and wiser--twentysomething realized his current lifestyle was not the way to be taken seriously in the corporate world; in pursuit of some credibility, he stopped talking to plant-life, bought some suits, and worked on the computer until he went blind and his fingers fell off. Now you are a Buddha worshipping hippie who just decided that it is time to enlighten the rest of the world, and--with family and yoga mat  in tote--you become a jet-setting peace pusher. 

Whatever lifestyle you're currently living (or to which you are switching over), we've got a guide for that.  

Health Nuts

The Outdoor Life


Holistic Living


Fitness Freak


Budget Concious





Family Life



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