Workshop and Home Improvement Guide

Let's face it.  No matter where you live or what your house looks like, there is always some sort of project to be done.  Stop procrastinating!  Now is the perfect time to tackle those home improvement  tasks that tend to linger in the back of your mind.  So fasten your tool-belt  and load your staple gun ; it's time to get your hands dirty.     

Basic Tools and Supplies

Tools and Hardware

Literally, the nuts  and bolts  of it all.  Every household should have these essentials just for everyday projects and improvements. 

Hand Tools

Use that muscle power and get going with these basic hand tools !  


Painting Supplies

Whether you are painting  a single room or a whole house, you are going to need these supplies to get the task done. 

House Paints

Once you know your project, browse our guide to pick up some home painting tips and to learn more about paint types  and brands .  

Workshop Accessories

After you have all of the necessary tools of your trade, invest in these accessories to keep your safe  and comfortable . 

Power Tools

Handheld Saws 

With many different types out there, find the handheld saw that is right for you, your space, and your projects. 

Other Saws 

Sometimes you need something bigger.  Browse saws to meet your needs.  


A jointer will help you shape old wood  into workable lumber.  Know that the flatter the jointer , the better, as they work to make wood flatter, smoother, and straighter. With this power tool, you can't go wrong.  


Found in more serious workshops, lathes  are used to cut, sand, and drill an object.  It spins on an axis, giving your object an even shape. Browse our guide to discover the advantages and uses of a lathe in the home. 

Power Drills

Any good workshop has at least one power drill.  This tool is useful for so many projects and comes in a corded  or cordless  design.